Do you want to know how to do peak 8 exercise? Fire up your fast twitch muscles with a quick 20 minute Peak 8 exercise routine that will give you amazing anti-aging and weight loss benefits.

Adding this 20 minute workout twice a week to your regular workout routine will help you overcome any weight loss slump you are in and push your fitness up to the next level.


Peak 8 on the Treadmill

Read on to find out how to do Peak 8 during your running work out or on a treadmill.

  • Start by marching or jogging for three minutes to warm up your muscles.
  • Sprint all out for 30 seconds-you will feel your heart pumping.
  • Go back to a march or easy jog for 90 seconds to recover your heart rate.
  • Repeat this process seven more times-for a total of 8 high intensity 30 second sprints.
  • Easy jog for another 3 minutes to recover your heart rate.

Go on to do your regular strength training and stretching routine. Remember to eat a healthy snack that is high in protein and low in carbs after your work out.

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The Science Behind Peak

Adding this 20 minute workout to your weekly routine will burn more calories, reduce wrinkles, build more muscle, increase your speed if you are a runner, and reduce the middle age spread faster than any other work out. Here is why:

Peak eight fitness incorporates the fast twitch muscle fibers. We have three types of muscle:

  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Super-fast

When your fast twitch and super fast twitch muscles are activated the human growth hormone (HGH) is increased and released into the body.

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High Intensity Intervals Produce HGH in Your Body Naturally

HGH is the natural hormone produced in the body that helps children grow taller. In Adults HGH produced naturally in the body helps all of the muscles stay healthy, young and stronger (including the heart muscle). This is important in weight loss because muscle burns more calories than fat. Traditional aerobic training only activates the slow twitch muscle fibers and does not help the body produce HGH. Any type of exercise that engages the fast twitch muscles such as power training, plyometrics, circuit training, and interval training will engage the fast twitch muscles. Peak 8 exercises are the easiest to incorporate in your weekly exercise program. So don’t just lope slowly on the treadmill, or pedal at a steady rate on the elliptical machine, push fast twitch muscles into action for 8 short 30 second bursts of speed and you will see a change in your muscle strength and your body composition.

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Consult your physician before starting any exercise routine.

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